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Araña web interface for call recorder access!

Araña web interface Araña is an interface in the form of web pages. The data and recordings on a Vidicode Call Recorder can be accessed through this web application.
Use Araña to access Vidicode Call Recorders, download recordings, send them by e-mail or make a full back up of the Call Recorder.
Araña can be run and installed as a Windows Service for unattended operation.

Araña comes in two versions:

Single User: The web interface is available to one user at a time.
Full: Unlimited access.



Access through the browser
Use your browser to access your call listing. Every user their own password. Not at the office? No problem, it is still possible to access your calls.

Search and E-mailing
E-mail one or more recordings as attachment to a message with a mouse click. Search by Date (range), Incoming Telephone number/ Name, Outbound number/ Name or Connected number.

Device configuration
The software offers the possibility to configure or edit the settings of the Call Recorder itself.
The Statistics show you relevant information as a line graph, stacked bar graph or table.

Managers can have access to all calls on all call recorders to keep an eye on telephone traffic .

Araña works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari

Install in 2 minutes
The Araña software is easy to install. There is no need for technical knowledge. The manual will guide you through installation.



  • Web interface for Vidicode Call Recorders
  • Easy back up of Call Recorders
  • Shared notes fields
  • Graphical statistics
  • Exteded search function
  • Shared Names fields
Technical specifications

Article no.1 user 070.01450
Article no. multi user 070.01452
Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Windows Server 2003/ 2008
So accessible Windows, Linux, Apple

Browser Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari
Installation Can be run as a Windows Service
Disk space 9 Mb

More info

More information

Download the Araña brochure.

Download the Araña manual.

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

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